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Sangmin asked...

I have had surgery to get rid of my gallbladder.

Hello, I had surgery to get rid of my gallbladder last year and I would like to check physical examination. I would like to find out what I can do. Thanks?

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The answer

The gallbladder is a storage area for digestive substances. The commonest reason to remove the gallbladder is gallstones which can be painful and can sometimes cause infection of the gallbladder - a condition called cholecystitis. Patients with gallstones may experience pain after a meal, particularly when eating fatty foods.  An ultrasound scan will help confirms this diagnosis.  If the gallbladder and stones are small enough in size then gallbladder removal is normally performed laparoscopically which allows the patient to recover quicker but the open method is still used for larger gallstones.  You don't actually need a gallbladder to have a functioning digestive system so if the reason for removal was gallstones then you shouldn't need regular follow up once you have recovered from surgery. If you are still having problems or pain then it would be worth seeing your GP for another assessment.

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