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Pat asked...

When I go to bed I have chronic chest pain?

Tags: Digestion

If I eat pastry, bread or cakes and then drink fluids either a cup of tea or pint of beer, I find when I go to bed I have chronic chest pains.

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The answer

Chest pains that occur only when you lie down and go to bed could well represent the reflux of stomach acids (heartburn). And a very common cause of heartburn is alcohol. An alternative cause could be that you are eating too much just before going to bed, not giving  the food a chance to exit the stomach before lying down. The best way to find what the culprit is, is by doing an exclusion diet. Exclude one thing at a time only, for at least 2 weeks. Monitor your symptoms and then re-introduce it again. If the symptoms become worse again after reintroducing that food stuff, then it could be the cause. There are no tests available for food intolerances, so an exclusion diet is the only method to diagnose them.

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