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Bertie John Allen asked...

I have been suffering from a bloated belly.

Tags: Digestion

I have been suffering from a bloated belly every day and heart burn.

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The answer

It is very possible that you are suffering from some form of stomach disease. Heartburn and bloating can be the symptoms of excess stomach acid causing reflux or stomach ulceration. In some rarer cases the cause is stomach cancer. If you drink excess amounts of alcohol, smoke, take regular anti-inflammatory tablets(such as ibuprofen) or take steroid tablets, then that could also be the cause. Stomach cancers would usually be accompanied by other symptoms such as weight loss or black stools (indicating blood loss) but not always, so it is important to see your doctor to find the cause. Your doctor will need to examine you, take blood tests and test your stools for a bug called H.Pylori. Only then can a diagnoses be given and treatment started.

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