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Ben asked...

I have been getting a headache.

For some years I have, on occasion, suffered from migraines. These are not fun, but never last much more than a day, I'm used to them, and they are rare enough that they aren't really a problem. For the last couple of months I have been experiencing a headache under my right temple though that goes from incredibly mild to really quite unpleasant, but never enough to completely stop me doing anything (unlike migraines). The ache is continuous rather than pounding, and I generally wake with the levels of headache that will then perist during the day, often improving into the late afternoon. There are no other symptoms, and patterns don't seem to be changing, it's just annoying - though I did (I think) trap a nerve at the base of my neck at about the time this started, if that could have any bearing. Paracetamol helps, but I try not to take it more than once a week. I can't see any obvious triggers. I probably will get around to asking my GP about this - but though annoying and persistant, there is nothing to make me hammer on their door immediately. Any thoughts as to possible causes, or is this outside of your remit to advise?

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The answer

I would recommend that you do see your doctor about the pain. It has been going on for a while now without any improvement. Any form of headache that is present when you wake up should be taken seriously, warranting a thorough examination of the nervous system and blood pressure. As the pain is behind one eye, that too should be examined to rule out that anything serious going on.

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