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Emma-Jane asked...

I have awful cellulite on my thighs.

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Hello, i am 34, weight 9 and a half stone, and am of average build. As long as i can remember i have had awful cellulite on my thighs. This is now spreading to my arms and stomach. I just don't know what to do anymore and am considering surgery. Is there anywhere you can recommend to me? There are so many different treatments that i don't know which ones to go with. I am also very price conscious, but i need to do something as it is making me so depressed and I literally now have to cover up from head to toe. Any help/advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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The answer

Cellulite is a remarkably common problem. It’s caused by fat just under the skin, which looks puckered because it’s being tethered by connective tissue. However, many people who, like you, aren’t overweight have cellulite.

There are hundreds of treatments for cellulite available privately, and many of them make dramatic claims about their success rate. In fact, there is little solid evidence that any of them work – as you’ve clearly discovered, having tried many already. Some, like liposuction (which removes deep fat, not the fat just under the skin which is responsible for cellulite), can actually make cellulite worse. Others, like mesotherapy (which involves injecting vitamins, minerals and other substances under the skin), can cause infection and an irregular appearance to the skin.

Although cellulite can be unsightly, it doesn’t cause any damage to your body. It’s also probably much more noticeable to you than to other people. I would suggest you hang on to your money and maybe think about why your cellulite is having such an impact on you – it may be affecting you much more than it otherwise would if you’re unhappy for other reasons. Drinking enough non-alcoholic fluids, regular exercise and eating a healthy, balanced diet can improve the appearance of cellulite. Crash diets and being overweight tend to make it worse.

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