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Bev asked...

I have a terrible pain in my left thigh

Hi, I have a terrible pain in my left thigh when I sit form more than a few mintues, when I stand up it is really painful as well and stiff to walk on. Should I be worried? Thanks

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The answer

It very much depends on how long you’ve had the pain, whether you had any injury beforehand and whether you have any other symptom such as swelling or redness over your thigh. Pain in the back can often be ‘referred’ to the thigh, as can hip pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis. The fact that your symptoms tend to come on after you’ve been sitting and are associated with feeling stiff when you stand make it more likely that a musculoskeletal problem, like arthritis or the low back or hip, is the cause. If taking simple painkillers or anti-inflammatory tablets like ibuprofen helped the pain, this would also point more to a musculoskeletal cause. I would certainly suggest that you should get this pain checked out by your doctor who will be able to ask about all your symptoms and when they came on, examine you and give you a better idea of what is at the root of your symptoms.

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