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I have a pain in my breast.

Tags: Anxiety

I have a pain in my left breast. Pain in armpit and pins and needles in my hand.

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The answer

Breast pain is very common, but pain in one breast does need to be checked out, especially if it is severe or persistent. Very occasionally, heart problems can present with pain in the breast region which ‘radiates’ down one arm or up into the neck. Pins and needles in the hand can be a sign of a trapped nerve either in your arm or in your neck. The part of your hand affected and your other symptoms, as well as examining you, will give your doctor an indication of which cause is more likely. For instance, a nerve called the median nerve is commonly squashed in a condition affecting your wrist called carpal tunnel syndrome. This can give rise to tingling and pain over the thumb half of your hand, which is often worse at night. If your armpit is also affected, it is slightly more likely that the problem is arising further up, perhaps in the nerves of your spine in the neck. Anxiety and hyperventilation, as well as vitamin deficiencies, can also cause pins and needles in the hands, although both hands (and sometimes the feet) tend to be affected.

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