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Emma Lau asked...

I have a Morton's neuroma in my right foot.

I have a Neuroma in my right foot. My doctor referred me to a Physio who specialises in making Orthotics to help support the Neuroma - AXA healthcare does not cover this. Is there alternative treatment that will be covered by the insurance or NHS?

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The answer

A neuroma is a thickening of the nerve between the toes. Treatments include cortisone injection therapy which usually gives at least some temporary relief of symptoms, the fitting of foot insoles to take the pressure off the damaged nerve or surgical excision of the thickened tissue on the nerve. Over the counter-insoles are unlikely to give relief of symptoms as they need to be specially designed to fit your feet and particular location of the problem. The most effective treatment for long term relief is surgery but not everyone is prepared to take the time off their usual activities for the time necessary to allow things to settle properly. A Morton’s neuroma is unlikely to settle on its own.

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