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Josie asked...

I am suffering from severe burping.

Tags: Digestion

I am 67 years of age and am suffering from severe burping (very long and loud) at night. I also suffer from burping as soon as I attempt sexual intercourse. I am usually fit and active and play tennis regularly but at the moment I feel heavy eyed and lifeless.

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The answer

The most common cause of burping is when we swallow air when eating and this can cause more-frequent belching. People who eat quickly, use carbonated drinks, and, especially drink through a straw, may be more likely to burp on a more regular basis. Smokers are also a risk group when it comes to excessive belching. All of these habits can lead to the swallowing of excess air, and in turn can lead to excessive burping. Indigestion and gastric reflux can also be a cause excessive belching, especially at night or when laying down to rest. This may also be a symptom of an ulcer in the stomach, can be food related or afood intolerance or may be related to a gallbladder or digestion issues. So I would suggest that you see your GP to rule out any digestive issues and if these are ruled out you may need to look at possible dietary causes. 

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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