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Heidi Cameron asked...

I am feeling tired alot, could this be down to bad diet?

Tags: diet , Stress

I have always had asthma but it does seem a lot better. I have been issued a preventer but not sure whether to take it as I do no want to be dependent on it. What do you suggest? Also, I am feeling tired alot, could this be down to bad diet or underactive thyroid?

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The answer

A preventer inhaler is to stop the distressing symptoms of asthma from starting in the first place. You cannot become dependent on it, and it can easily be stopped when no longer needed. If your symptoms are not “controlled” then you will benefit from the preventer inhaler. “Controlled” asthma would be considered as no daytime symptoms, no night waking due to asthma, no need for rescue medication (blue reliever inhaler), no limitations on exercise. Tiredness can be caused by many things - poor sleep, depression, stress, anaemia and underactive thyroid are just a few. If the tiredness has been for more than a few weeks, then you could talk to your doctor about the possible causes.

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