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Hari Bahadur Karki asked...

I am 44 years old my weight is 62kg, BP is 85/145.

Sir, I am 44 years old my weight is 62kg, BP is 85/145 and my pulse rate is per minute 50 to 56 at rest time. how is my health ?? please advise me. Thanks!

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The answer

You have not told me your height or if you are male or female. You can work out your BMI (body mass index) by using a simple BMI calculator on the internet. This result will tell you if your weight is healthy for your height. If your blood pressure is persistently above 140 (you have mentioned yours is 145) then you may have slightly raised blood pressure. You would need to have the blood pressure checked a few times over a period of a few weeks, to establish if this is the case. Your pulse rate is slightly slow - the normal is between 60 and 100, but sometimes very fit people (athletes) have a slightly slower pulse rate. I would recommend you have a heart tracing to check your pulse rate is normal for you, and also get your blood pressure checked a few more times by your doctor or practice nurse.

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