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H Malek-Nasr asked...

I feel extreme heat in both my feet.

For two days I have felt extreme heat in both my feet, it helps when I place the bottom of my feet on cold tiles on the floor. At first my body was also hot but now the heat is only in the bottom of my feet, I don't have any sign of cold or flu.

June 2014 I had +50 test and check up, received 100% clean bill of health, I do Tai Chi a minimum of six times a week.

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The answer

The sensations of hot feet may be related to your recent infection, whether this has developed fully or not. It may be also be caused by other factors such as kidney issues, liver problems, thyroid problems, blood disorders, nerve damage, fungal infections and ill-fitting shoes.

Having this symptom for two days suggests this is more likely related to your recent fever. If the symptom does persist more than a few days I would suggest you see your doctor to rule out any other possible causes.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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