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Vicky asked...

Experiencing bloating and discomfort.

Tags: Diet , Digestion

For the past year, I have been experiencing substantial bloating and discomfort. It gets worse throughout the day. I thought this could be down to gluten intolerance, so I have largely eliminated this from my diet. Although this has improved the situation, I still get bloating and discomfort every day.

I have been to my GP who has ruled out any serious conditions, and other than this I am a fit and healthy person in my twenties, and not overweight. I tried colonic hydrotherapy once and the practitioner told me to take probiotics and digestive enzymes as she did not think I was digesting my food properly. I’ve done this for 2 months and it does not seem to have helped. Keeping a food diary hasn’t allowed me to identify the issue. The GP recommended a low Fodmap diet, which I have been following most of the time. Until 2 years ago I was a vegetarian (from birth)- I stopped eating meat a few months ago as I though perhaps inability to digest meat was causing the problem. Again, I do not think this has helped. Do you have any other suggestions of things to try?

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The answer

Bloating and discomfort is very commonly seen these days. I am pleased to hear that your GP has ruled out any serious conditions underlying this for you and appreciate it is still causing you difficulty none the less.

I see that reducing Gluten has helped and it’s possible that you may need to avoid all forms of Gluten to continue to get this benefit. Imbalances in the bowel flora can also contribute to this problem which is why pro-biotics have been suggested in the past and stress in all its forms is also thought to contribute to bloating so maintaining lower levels of stress through relaxation exercises, Yoga and  Meditation for example may help.

If the bloating is being caused by fluid retention then ensuring a good fluid intake of usually 1600 mls to 2 litres is recommended over 24 hours as this can help flush the fluid away. Hormones may also be playing a part, if you find the bloating is worse on certain weeks than others it might be helpful observing when and if there is a pattern. Overall a good Naturopathic practitioner or Nutritionist may be able to help you with this and would also be able to look more deeply at any intolerances or imbalances that may be present.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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