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Elaine Michaels asked...

Can I have your opinion on reducing the cost/intake of my supplements?

I spend alot of money in taking extra supplements, can I have your opinion on the ones I take to see if I can reduce cost or intake. I am a 54yr old, female post menopausal, who runs and eats resonably well.

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The answer

The only supplements from that list which I feel are necessary are the calcium and vitamin D. As you are post-menopausal and have a family history of osteoporosis, this is an excellent supplement to take. As for the rest they are basically not proven to be of any benefit, although cranberry juice supplements are thought to help prevent cystitis and Glucosamine and Cod Liver Oil are thought by many to be helpful for joint problems. My suggestion is to continue the calcium and vitamin D and only take the others if you actually notice any benefit.

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