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Gavin asked...

I have suffered a gout attack.

Tags: Alcohol , Diet , Exercise

Hi, about a year and a half ago I suffered a gout attack. Its the only attack I have ever had. I have lost weight since then as I was overweight and try to control my purine intake in my diet. My uric serum level is still high. I go to the gym regularly and lift weights. I have been considering using whey protein shakes. Although these are purine free, I am concerned about the putting my kidneys under additional stress. Is whey protein safe for me to take, or should I avoid them?

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The answer

I would not recommend using whey protein shakes. There is currently no evidence that they improve muscle strength. There is certainly no research to suggest it would be safe for a gout sufferer to use. Exercise is always sensible for your overall health, but should be a mixture of cardiovascular and weights to have any health benefits. A balanced diet of natural unprocessed foods is always better for your health than using supplements. Do not forget to reduce your alcohol intake too (along with the purine rich foods), to reduce your risk of the gout recurring.

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