Campaign on epilepsy and pregnancy

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Hundreds of women each year are being left unaware of the risks associated with epilepsy and being pregnant, a new report suggests.

The survey of 500 women has prompted Epilepsy Action to launch a new education campaign – HealthE mum-to-be.

It is aimed at raising awareness and improving the care, support and advice available to pregnant women with epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action, a UK charity providing information, advice and support for people with epilepsy, found that more than a quarter of women (26 per cent) questioned said a health professional had not discussed epilepsy and pregnancy, conception and contraception with them.

This is contrary to national guidelines, which state that re-conception counselling should be given to all women with epilepsy.

About 2,400 babies are born to women with epilepsy every year and each one is classed as high risk.

This is because of changing seizure patterns and particular epilepsy medicines.

Epilepsy affects around 230,000 women in the UK.

Visit the Pregnancy and Childcare Centre for more information on pregnancy and child health.

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