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Derek asked...

What are the best foods to eat with type 2 diabetes?

Tags: Diabetes , Diet , Nutrition

I have type 2 diabetes. Could you tell me the main foods to eat and the ones to avoid? I read so many conficting things on this subject.

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The answer

The most important dietary goal for people with diabetes is to eat a diet that supplies adequate amounts of all the nutrients needed for good health, whilst managing blood sugar levels so they don't go too high or too low. The simplest way to achieve this is by consuming regular mixed meals that incorporate foods from the four main food groups: fruit and vegetables, wholegrain carbohydrates, protein foods such as lean meats, fish (including oily fish) eggs, pulses and nuts, and low fat dairy products. Healthy fats such as olive oil and spreads should be chosen over those high in saturated fat and small amounts of sugar can be included as part of a mixed meal.

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