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Rose asked...

My son has been diagnosed with cancer.

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My son had a melanoma removed 4 yrs ago. He started to feel unwell 7 weeks ago, and was diagnosed last week with cancer, spread from melanoma to his peretoneum and stomach, near to bowel. He will be fast tracked for dla etc. But i understand from my late husbands cancer they only do this if it's terminal?

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The answer

I am so sorry to hear that your son is so terribly ill. Prognosis is always a very difficult discussion to have. If your son has not asked the question himself, it may mean he is not ready to address it at the moment. Doctors are never keen to give exact time frames for prognosis, because it is very difficult to predict and often different for each individual. The fact that your son is being offered some chemotherapy means that the doctors believe it will help prolong his life. They may be waiting to see if he responds to the treatment before they can be more specific about his prognosis. I really wish him all the best.

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