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Margaret asked...

I have silicone implants and I worry that I wont be able to feel any lumps.

Tags: cancer

I have silicone implants and I worry that I wont be able to feel any lumps, the mammograms cant see behind them, is there any other method of checking for lumps and bumps?

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The answer

Breast implants can make detection of breast cancer a bit harder, but they do not increase your risk of getting cancer. It is still recommended that you continue having mammograms and you examine your own breasts regularly. Detection difficulties depend on whether the implant has been put behind or in front of the chest wall muscle. The NHS breast cancer screening programme states that you should tell the technician doing the mammogram if you have implants, as a different technique needs to be used to see all of the breast tissue. You should continue to be breast aware and examine your breast regularly, reporting any changes or lumps to your doctor immediately. If you think you are high risk for breast cancer, you should see your doctor about the different types of screening tests available to you. If you are under the age of 40, an ultrasound scan is sometimes used instead of a mammogram to examine the breasts.

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