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Elise asked...

I have a mole that I am worried about.

Tags: Cancer

I have a question that I just wanted to ask. I have a fairly normal mole that I've been told by my GP, is fairly normal and not a problem, although she measured it so that she can keep an eye on it. I've recently noticed that it is still small (between 5 and 10 mm across), but now has some dark brown/ black patches on it and has become an irregular shape, to the point that a small edge of it lifts right up. There is also a small bit of pink colour around it. Do you think this is anything to worry about and could you give me any advice? I've also been extremely tired and exhausted recently. Thanks

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The answer

It is very important you get this mole checked out urgently. Any mole that changes in shape or colour needs to be seen as an emergency by a dermatologist, to make sure it is not a form of skin cancer. Without looking at the mole myself I cannot tell you if your mole is high risk of cancer. Your own doctor will be able to help. Get an appointment today.

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