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I had a Thyroidectomy due to papillary cell carcinoma thyroid

Tags: Cancer

I had a Thyroidectomy in July 2010, radio iodine Nov 2010 due to papillary cell carcinoma thyroid. Thyrogobulin has never been below 5, had further radio iodine finally in August 2012, since that my thyrogobulin has increased from 6 to 7.4. I have not felt well since diagnosis, please help.

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The answer

Papillary cell is the most common type of thyroid cancer and luckily it generally has very good treatment outcomes and cure rates. Obviously the outcome depends on the stage of the disease when it was diagnosed, which you have not mentioned. The follow-up blood markers, such as thyroglobulin, can help your oncologist detect any recurrence of disease. I am sure the levels are not concerning in your particular case, otherwise your oncologist would not have reassured you.  As you continue to worry, why don’t you request to see your oncologist again? They can explain your results again and you can express your worries (which are totally understandable given your circumstances). Failing that, you could always pay to get a second opinion from a private oncologist (you will need your GP to write a referral letter first).

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