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Gwen asked...

How can I boost my energy levels?

Tags: Cancer , Heart

I still feel very tired even though its nearly 10 years from herceptin treatment, is there anything I can do or can be done to boost my energy levels?

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The answer

Herceptin is most commonly used in the treatment of potentially responsive early stage breast cancers and can have some side-effects such as weakness of the heart muscle although this is relatively rare. If side-effects are going to occur this will normally be at the time of the treatment and it is very unlikely that this would occur at this late stage after treatment.  If  you are feeling unwell years after treatment then it is important that you have a review with your doctor.  It is possible that there may another reason for your tiredness for example a thyroid problem, iron and vitamin deficiency or anaemia although psychological causes such as depression are also possibilities.  It is likely that your doctor will request some basic tests including physical examination, blood tests and possibly a depression screen.  If no physical or psychological cause is if found then it is worth looking at lifestyle factors such as diet, physical fitness and  sleep patterns.

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