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Jane asked...

I have a rash on my legs.

Tags: Allergy

I suffer from a flat, crimson coloured rash on the back of my legs when I am on the golf course. This only occurs during the summer season when the pollen count is quite high. The rash is not itchy and it takes four days to subside but it is very unsightly. I am assuming that this is due to an allergic reaction to the grass pollen? Have you any advice for me?

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The answer

As you have already identified when the rash occurs, it does sound very possible that you are correct in thinking it may be an allergic reaction to some sort of grass or pollen. An allergic rash would usually be itchy.

You could be describing patches of eczema that have been triggered by the grass or pollens (especially if the patches are on the back of both knees). You could try wearing long trousers when you play golf to protect the skin from any grass and pollens. You could also try protecting the skin before you go out to play golf with a thick moisturiser or Vaseline. Once the rash has developed you could try using a mild steroid cream to get rid of it and taking an antihistamine tablet.

If you have no luck with any of these suggestions you should show the rash to your doctor (when it is present), to confirm the diagnosis and get some further advice.

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