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Danny asked...

My two year old is always scratching herself.

Tags: Children , Skin

My two year old (Born July 2012) daughter is always itchy and scratching herself, she also gets a small rash on her wrist and pale (coin size) marks on her skin/body. We have been to see her GP on several occasions regarding this and now only use Aqueous Cream and Double Base Cream, she was also prescribed a Cortopin. However, the problem still persists.

We are now looking into making an appointment with a specialist child skin doctor, unfortunately consultations are not covered in our AXA policy. Is there anything else that you can recommend before we go down this route?

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The answer

There has been some recent evidence to suggest that Aqueous cream can, in some cases, exacerbate eczema rather than improve it. It may be possible that if there has been no improvement, your daughter is one of those for whom Aqueous cream may worsen her eczema.

Further information on this can be found on this gout page from the NHS .

In place of Aqueous cream used as a bath emollient, a bath oil such as Junior Oilatum or even normal baby oil may be more nourishing to the skin and kinder to the eczema. Double base should be liberally applied around 3 times a day to achieve optimum results; there are also similar products available over the counter which may be beneficial as a moisturiser. A pharmacist will be able to recommend these to you.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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