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Barbara asked...

I have a catarrh producing cold.

Tags: Allergy

What do you recommend for this persistent catarrh producing cold?

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The answer

The nose produces catarrh in response to infection or irritation. A common cold will produce catarrh for a few days and then resolve without treatment. If the catarrh persists longer than a few weeks, then it is more likely that you are suffering from a more chronic condition such as allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis or nasal polyps. In a child, one must also think of a foreign body stuck up the nose, such a small stone! Chronic catarrh symptoms can be treated in the first instance with a steroid nasal spray because this will help both allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. If there is no improvement with the spray after 4-6 weeks of daily use (or any persistent blood) you need to have the area examined by your doctor. Once a diagnosis is made further treatments can be recommended as necessary.

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