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Living in a care home doesn’t mean that you lose any of your rights that you had before living in the care home, for example voting. As a resident in a home you have the right to be treated with respect by staff, as well as having confidentiality respected regarding access to any information stored about you.

It is important for people to realise that what may seem a small matter to the
management of the organisation, is of great importance to a person’s  experience of living in a place.



Everyone has different standards and tastes, but knowing the individual and their ways is helpful
If you are dissatisfied with the way you have been treated by Social Services, the Health Service or by a service provider it is your right to make a formal complaint. However, it is always advisable initially to discuss your problems with someone from the organisation or body concerned – in an attempt to resolve things informally. If, however, you do decide to make a formal complaint, every service-providing organisation must have a defined procedure for handling such matters.
They will have a printed Complaints Procedure, which should set out things like:
How to make a complaint
Who will deal with it
The timescale for dealing with it
The review process if you are unhappy with the outcome

Large organisations such as Social Services, a hospital, or a health authority should have a designated person to deal with complaints. Smaller organisations such as a nursing home or care agency should identify a senior manager to take responsibility for dealing with and resolving complaints. Your local authority should also be able to suggest someone (usually called an ‘advocate’) who will be able to help you to make a complaint and to present your point of view.
It should also be noted that, in the event of an unsatisfactory resolution of matters with a health authority, you can contact the Health Service Ombudsman. Telephone the Helpline on 0845 015 4033. Or visit


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