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Standards of care

Standards of care

All care homes in England must register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Care homes in Scotland are registered with the Scottish Commission for the regulation of Care (The Care Commission), both organisations are independent non-governmental bodies. In Wales, registration is with the Care Standards Inspectorate for Wales (CSIW) which is a division of the National assembly for Wales.

At present independent residential homes and all nursing homes in Northern Ireland, have to be registered with The Health and Social Care registration and Inspection Unit. Standards of care continue to be covered by the Registered Homes (Northern Ireland) Order 1992, and these arrangements are currently under review.

On registration, care homes must comply with the following requirements:

There has to be a named individual who is the registered provider. This may be the owner of the home or, if the home is owned by an organisation, a representative. Equally, managers of care homes also have to be registered.

All staff, including the owner, or the manager must authorise the Criminal Records Bureau, (in Scotland the Scottish Disclosure Bureau), to release details of their police records to the body responsible for registration of the care home.

Care homes that provide nursing must have registered nursing staff available 24 hours a day. In England and Northern Ireland the manager of a care home that provides nursing care must be a qualified nurse or a medical practitioner.

Every care home must publish a Statement of Purpose and a Service User’s guide or an introductory pack. The Statement of purpose must outline the aims and objectives of the services the home offers. It must also include a description of its philosophy of care, the range of the services that are available to users and how they are provided. The Service User’s guide needs to include information on the practical aspects of the home and how it is run. It should also include a copy of the complaints procedure along with a copy of the most recent inspection.


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