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Christine asked...

Tags: alzheimers

My husband is mid stage Alzheimers and I only have 4 hours (2 sets of two hours) and possibly a 6 hour once a week when he goes walking with a group, providing the weather and the helpers are available! I am driven to distraction with the constant questions, anxious habits etc and I tend to "loose it" sometimes. I have had CBT at the onset of this but could really do with more - do I find out Unfortunately I have no family who are in the same city and (country)so have to rely on organisations. My husband doesn;t like being cared for by anyone other than me - hates being out of my sight!! I am worried about heart problems as my Dad had heart problems. My blood pressure and blood count appear to be o.k. at the moment. I keep active as much as I can, I have polymyalgia myself so can get pretty stiff sometimes!! What a state - not sure anyone can help really - its a dreadful thing and is sad to see the person you have known for 50 odd years deteriorating this way!!

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The Answer

It sounds like you are being an absolute star caring for your husband in such a devoted manner. Although it might feel sometimes that you are being driven to a heart problem, your blood pressure is normal and that is a good sign. Other things you can do to prevent heart disease include not smoking, maintaining a healthy body weight, exercising regularly and eating a healthy balanced diet. You could also ask your doctor to check you for high cholesterol and diabetes.  Take as much care looking after yourself, as you do your husband. Do not feel guilty about accepting all the help that you can get. You need to remain fit in body and mind, so that you can continue looking after you both.

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