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J Eldred asked...

I had a slight depression recently.

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I had a slight depression recently, induced I think by antibiotics. I am about to join the board of a small local museum. We have various talks in a pleasant tea room: most recently about volunteering. We are about to plant a Victorian garden. I wonder if we were to put on occasional events aimed at lonely elderly people what topics might appeal to them. Would they come? Could any of your experts advise?

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The answer

I hope you are feeling better now. Planning to support the older generation in some form is a really positive approach. For elderly lonely people, the chance to get together for tea and cake with other people is probably a winner on its own.

Arranging speakers as they do for example at U3A  is a good opportunity to get out and meet other people

I would suggest topics such as:

  • Travel
  • Music
  • Historical events
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Old cine films meetings, especially if it’s of an area where they live.
  • Gardening has all sorts of aspects – small container gardening, small ponds and water features. What about wildflower gardens suitable for butterflies and other insects- the local gardening centre is a good one to ask. (there are tea and cakes at most if you visit!)
  • ‘How to use a computer / laptop topic’ covering the basics including the internet and email, the idea really being to increase their confidence in using computers.
  • What about a film viewing? A lot of lonely people would not be confident enough to go to the local cinema on their own.

Sometimes people are concerned about travelling to such events, but there are solutions to this such as volunteer drivers (Royal Voluntary Drivers or asking the local community centre).

Have a look at the Ageing Well section of our website for more information.

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