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Maureen asked...

Are there any ways to cure arthritis?

I have mild arthritis in my right knee. I play golf and walk with the dog. I can go days with no problem then in the night I wake up with bad pain in my knee and have to move it very slowly. I take Glucosamine and cod liver oil daily. I keep getting lots of leaflets through the post advertising many great ways to cure arthritis. Are any of them any good? Can you recommend anything?

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The answer

I am afraid the leaflets you describe are not telling the truth. You (most likely) have Osteoarthritis for which there is currently no cure. The treatments for osteoarthritis are aimed at strengthening the muscles around the affected joints with exercises. A physiotherapist would be able to guide you on how to do those safely. Painkillers can be used when the pain is bad.

If you are overweight, losing weight will really help take the pressure off the joint and reduce the pain. Sometimes the condition can get worse and a joint replacement is needed, but this is the last resort.

Please don’t waste any time or money on the solutions suggested in these leaflets, they will be a scam and may even cause harm by making the pain worse. See your doctor or a physiotherapist instead.

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