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    What does the future hold for healthcare?

    We know how far AXA PPP healthcare has come in the last 75 years, but what has the future got in store for healthcare as a whole?

    We’ve been chatting with Peter Cochran OBE, a futurologist, and asking him to let us in on his insights about how technology will change and advance healthcare – including what this will mean for our members.

    If you’ve got ideas about where technology will take us, join the conversation by using the hashtag #axappp75 on Twitter and Facebook. And for more glimpses of the future from our crystal ball, keep an eye out for more interviews, graphics and predictions.

    • Insights into the future of healthcare

      Peter Cochrane, futurologist working with AXA PPP healthcare to mark its 75th anniversary said: “People will be using tech to monitor the way they feel, what they eat and what they do…”. Find out more about what the future has got in store for healthcare below…

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      What did we predict?

      The last 60 years is testament to how quickly pioneering medical discoveries gather public demand to become readily accepted health care treatment...

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      The future of healthcare

      Find out where people seek medical advice first, the biggest health fear of today and the most significant medical development in the past 75 years.

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